An Input/Output Christian” – (Part 1 in the Series, Input /Output) – Some Christians forget the heart of Christianity which is receiving God’s grace and serving in his strength. When we experience discontentment and striving, it’s a sign that we’re opting out of the plan that God has for us. Are you an Input Christian or an Output Christian? Or neither? (1 Peter 4:11)

This I Believe – Part 8 – Peter Haas_ 10.1.17

10-1-17 – What about Those who Haven’t Heard? (Part 7 in the series, This I believe) Does God truly give everyone a fair chance when it comes to heaven and hell? What about those who haven’t heard?  What about those who didn’t have access to a Bible?  Pastor Peter covers several tough questions that people often have about hell. (Romans 1)