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“Bringing Life to Death Valley” – winter 2019 – Peter Haas

“Bringing Life to Death Valley” – We all want to be used by God to do the miraculous. Yet, a lot of Christians tend to over-complicate both miracles and evangelism. After sharing numerous conversion stories, Pastor Peter Haas explains that, if we simply follow the small nudges of the Holy Spirit, then God will allow us to be a part of all sorts of amazing miracle stories.

Choose Joy – Fall 2019 – Peter Haas

“Choose Joy” – We all like to imagine ourselves as grateful people. But how do we know if we really are? Most of us don’t see joy as something that’s chosen; but, scripture takes a different view. And thankfully, the Bible gives us numerous disciplines to counteract the forces of anxiety and discontentment (1 Thess. 5:16-18).

“The Root of All Stress” – Fall 2019 – Peter Haas

“The Root of All Stress” – After a short update about all the campuses Substance is launching, Pastor Peter shares the story of Pastors Isaac and Lindsay Cortez. Much of life is a game of perseverance. But, quite often, the reason we feel stress is because we are carrying the “Burden of Outcome” instead of merely the “Burden of Obedience.” This simply little explanation will change the way to engage God in multiple areas. (Acts 3).

“The Power of a Cornelious Life” Fall 2019 – Peter Haas

God is longing to give us revelations about our marriages, our finances and our physical bodies ideas that could change everything for us. But, many of us are missing a critical precursor to divine revelation. After studying the life of Cornelious, get ready to learn a few disciplines that open us up to a supernatural response from God. (Acts 10).

The Reversal of Babel – First Wednesday – Pastor Peter Haas

The Reversal of Babel; (First Wednesday Service) There are dozens of stories throughout the Old and New Testament that simply wont make sense until you understand the theology of Inheritance. While sharing updates on Substance’s plans to launch new campuses, Pastor Peter explains several ancient ideas that will cause you to reinterpret dozens of Bible stories through a profound new filter.

Perspective Part 5 – 10.20.19 – Peter Haas

“Learning the Spirit of Sonship” (Perspective Pt. 5) What does Biblical parenting actually look like? Many parents miss the greatest
opportunities to impact their kids. And many kids miss the greatest opportunities to experience divine acceleration. So, how can we be better parents as well as better sons or daughters? In this profound message on mentoring, Pastor Peter gives us a model of discipleship that can have a profound affect our spiritual promotion (Prov. 13:22; Malachi 4:6).