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Things Above – Part 1 – Peter Haas

2019-03(Mar)17   "Heaven Changes Everything"  (from the series: "Things Above" Pt 1) – Many people struggle trying to look forward to heaven because they still hold all sorts of unbiblical ideas about what heaven will look like. So, after sharing 10 interesting ideas about heaven, Pastor Peter begins to cast vision for WHY our theology of heaven can change everything regarding our motivation today. (Luke 23:43; Revelation 6:9-11; 
Prov 25:2; Heb. 4:1).

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Changeable Part 10 – Carolyn Haas

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Changeable Part 9 Peter Haas

“Stopping Bad Habits”  (Changeable Pt. 9)  Starting a habit is fundamentally different than stopping a habit. But do you know God’s plan for this? What habits would you change if you knew that God was for you? While sharing both Bible and research, Pastor Peter explains some of the counter-intuitive elements that will increase our odds of experiencing God’s transformation. (Luke 11)

Changeable Part 8

“Starting New Habits” (Part 8 in the Series Changeable) – Success comes from the sum total of our Godly habits. And Spiritual maturity works the same way. After sharing about how God speaks to us about our
habits, Pastor Peter explains some surprisingly simply ways to acquire new habits. (2 Sam.5; Isa. 48:17; Heb. 5:14- 15).
Technical Desc. I share a half dozen Bible stories where God gave his ppl strategy to conqueror their problems. Then I share the 2 minute rule… proof texting: “Through constant use have trained themselves to distinguish”… Then I share the story of me running my first triathalon.


“The 6 Rules of Life-Planning” (Part 7 in the Series Changeable) –  Most people think they have a motivation problem when in reality they have a planning problem. After sharing numerous scriptures and counter-intuitive studies, Pastor Peter shares “Golden Rules #3 & #4” – the practical way to birth motivation and execution on your dreams. (Gen 37; Exod 31, Josh 6) 


2019-02(Feb)3 “Starting your Life Plan” (Part 6 in the series, Changable)

Why do some people achieve their goals and others don’t? Both Scriptures and science have a lot to say about goal setting and dreaming – many of which are counter-intuitive. But, how about your dreams? Pastor Peter begins sharing the 6 Golden Rules of Life-planning. So, the ultimate question is this: Do you follow them? (Mt. 20:29-32; Prov 16:3; Jer. 33:3; Hab. 2:2)

Changeable – Part 5 – Drew Shepp

“Diving Priority, Capacity, and Friendship” (Part 5 in the series, Changeable). One of life’s greatest questions is “Do I live my life at a PACE where change is possible? So many of us simply go along with the culture’s demands and desires for MORE. In this message, Pastor Drew will break down how Sabbath gives us the power to live purposeful, centered lives instead of living exhausted and burnt out. (Mark 9:36, Romans 12:2, Exodus 34:21, Luke 4:42-43)

Changeable – Part 4 – Peter Haas

1-20-2019 “The 3 Myths of Forgiveness”  (Part 4 in the series, Changeable) – One of the greatest marks of our maturity is how well we respond to other people’s sins. Many people falsely believe all sorts of devastating myths about forgiveness. As a result, the devil traps people in all sorts of silly behaviors that ultimately rob us of both justice and power. In this fascinating Bible study, Pastor Peter explains that forgiveness is one of the most powerful weapons we have. (Genesis 45; Rev. 3:9; Mt. 26).

Changeable – Part 3 – Peter Haas

2019-01(Jan)13   “The Power of Biblical Confrontation” – (Part 3 in the series Changeable) –

God wants us to be “relationally wealthy.” And there is a long list of benefits for us when live in community with others. Yet, the people we love the most can also hurt us most. And in those moments, it’s easy to unnecessarily burning all sorts of relationships, not because of how we think differently…but b/c of how we confront each other when we DO think differently. So get ready to learn the 5 Biblical Hallmarks of Confrontation that are guaranteed to keep you life-giving as you walk through conflict. (Mt. 18:15-18; 1 Cor. 5:11; 1 Cor.13:4)