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Disciplined Part 2 – Peter Haas 7.14.19

“Jumpstart My Soul” – (Part 2 in the series Disciplined) A message on how to getting into the Psalms: Life can wear all of us down.  Thankfully, God has given us some amazing promises. So get ready to be encouraged by miracle stories and excited about reading your Bible again. (Psalm 34).

Substance Summer 6.23.19 – Peter Haas

The Art of Holy Leisure” – Most of us don’t know how to balance work and rest. Even worse, much of what we call “rest” & recreation is really just more work. After studying a few passages on rest, get ready to rethink how you apply the Sabbath. (Exod. 34:21; Col 2:16; Isa. 63:14).

Heart for the House – Peter Haas – 5.5.19

“The Battering Ram to Confusion” – Have you ever been overwhelmed and confused? God has a habit of showing up in the midst of our most frustrating seasons of life. While sharing some fun updates for Substance
Church, Pastor Peter Haas shares a Bible story that enables us to rethink our current struggles through the filter of God’s perspective. (1 Samuel 9)

Guest Speaker – Paul Van Coller – 4.14.19

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Things Above Part 3 – Peter Haas

“Kings & Queens”      (Part 3 in the series, “Things Above”) – Motivation always runs low for people who have a bad theology of heaven. It’s a natural consequence. So, after giving dozens of fresh reminders about the age to come, Pastor Peter explains God’s invitation to rule and reign with him. What will it look like? What might we be in charge of? And what are the scriptures which promise this? (Isaiah 60:1-10; Col 3:1; Rev. 2:26; Rev. 4:10)

Technical Desc. I show a video unpacking the new heavens and new earth…But then I go back into the 4 Crowns promised in the Bible… hit Isa.60 which talks a lot about nations, kings, etc… and then I end with the Teddy Roosevelt story about the missionary couple from Africa.

Things Above – Part 2 – Peter Haas

3.24.2019  – “The Scientific Case for the After-life” (Part 2, Things Above) – What if Heaven was just “wishful thinking?” How do we really know there is life after death? After sharing dozens of fascinating studies and stories, Pastor Peter shares the evidence that is causing leading scientists to rethink what we know about life after medical death. Perhaps the Biblical teachings of heaven were right all along? (2 Cor. 12; John 14:1-3)