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This I Believe – Part 1 – Peter Haas _ 8.6.17

8-6-17   “Walking the Tight-rope” (Part one in the series: This I Believe   – We all imagine ourselves to be full of faith; but, one of the tell-tale signs of faith is an insatiable motivation to follow Christ. When we lack motivation to obey God in a certain area, it’s an opportunity to re-evaluate our faith. And when we do, God has special rewards to make the journey of faith both exciting and fulfilling. But, where is your faith at?  (2 Cor. 13:5; Romans 1:5-6)

Summer – 7.23.17 – Peter Haas

7- 22-17          “Is God Bigger than Your Wall?” – At some point or another, all of us will hit brick walls: Limitations in life where our obstacles feel far bigger than our resources. But how do you respond when those times happen? Are you a victim or victor? After studying the story of Jericho, the Bible unpacks what a spiritually victorious person looks like. But do we have these attributes? (Joshua 6; Numbers 14)

Summer – 7.9.17 – Peter Haas

“The Power of Lonely Places” – what if you could hear the voice of God more? Many people trust God for breakthroughs in our families, physical bodies & finances; yet, they simultaneously never stop & listen to the Holy Spirit. The truth is, God has so much more to say to us. But will we accept his invitation to meet him in “lonely places?” (John 13:21-28; Mark 1:35; Luke 5:16)