This I Believe Part 4

“Get to know the Trinity” (Part 4 in the series, This I Believe); when most people talk about The
Trinity, they get lost in lofty theological explanations and forget, we're talking about a person, a 3 – in – one,
who longs for us to know Him. But do we truly understand each member of the Trinity? Find out! (Heb.7:25; 2
Peter 1:3; Heb. 4:15; John 14:8; Mt.26:52-53; Jn 16:8; Psm 103:2; Mt. 6:31).

This I Believe – Part 3 – Peter Haas_8.20.17

8-20-2017 “Unlocking the Power of Baptism” – (Part 3 in the series, This I Believe)  – If people die without baptism, will they go to hell? Can a person be baptized and still not experience resurrection power? After humorously answering numerous questions from God’s Word, Pastor Peter explains how a proper understanding of baptism can increase the supernatural in our lives. (Romans 6:4-6; Galatians 2:206:15).

This I Believe – Part 1 – Peter Haas _ 8.6.17

8-6-17   “Walking the Tight-rope” (Part one in the series: This I Believe   – We all imagine ourselves to be full of faith; but, one of the tell-tale signs of faith is an insatiable motivation to follow Christ. When we lack motivation to obey God in a certain area, it’s an opportunity to re-evaluate our faith. And when we do, God has special rewards to make the journey of faith both exciting and fulfilling. But, where is your faith at?  (2 Cor. 13:5; Romans 1:5-6)