Heart For The House – 11.25.18 – Peter Haas

11-25-18   “Hitting the Right Target” – There is nothing more fulfilling than being in sync with heaven. Yet, it’s easy to get out of sync with God’s priorities. And one of the chief symptoms of this inalignment is constantly begging God for his provision. After all, provision always flows in abundance from good priorities. So, how do we know if we’re in sync with heaven? Simply look at the measure of your evangelism. (Luke 15; Mt. 25).

Address The Mess – Part 2 – Peter Haas

11-18-18    “The Focus Principle” – (Part two in the series, Address the Mess) –  Why is porn so dangerous? Why is it that, the people who avoid it have such higher levels of sexual satisfaction? While delving into the “science of sexual attraction” Pastor Peter gives a fascinating Bible lesson on how God empowers us to steer our sexual attractions. Get Ready for the powerful revelation that: Sexual fulfillment isn’t a circumstantial problem, it’s a focus problem. Is your focus right? (Mt. 6:21-23).

Address The Mess – Part 1 – Peter Haas

11-11-18  “To Him who Overcomes” (Part one of the Series, Address the Mess) Research shows, Christians have far better sex than non-Christians. Why is this? Indeed, the Bible teaches that sexual purity actually increases our authority and promotions. Why is this? In this funny and sobering message, prepare to “uncover” a new way to think about sex. (Rev.2:14-26; Josh. 5).