Changeable Part 8

“Starting New Habits” (Part 8 in the Series Changeable) – Success comes from the sum total of our Godly habits. And Spiritual maturity works the same way. After sharing about how God speaks to us about our
habits, Pastor Peter explains some surprisingly simply ways to acquire new habits. (2 Sam.5; Isa. 48:17; Heb. 5:14- 15).
Technical Desc. I share a half dozen Bible stories where God gave his ppl strategy to conqueror their problems. Then I share the 2 minute rule… proof texting: “Through constant use have trained themselves to distinguish”… Then I share the story of me running my first triathalon.


“The 6 Rules of Life-Planning” (Part 7 in the Series Changeable) –  Most people think they have a motivation problem when in reality they have a planning problem. After sharing numerous scriptures and counter-intuitive studies, Pastor Peter shares “Golden Rules #3 & #4” – the practical way to birth motivation and execution on your dreams. (Gen 37; Exod 31, Josh 6) 


2019-02(Feb)3 “Starting your Life Plan” (Part 6 in the series, Changable)

Why do some people achieve their goals and others don’t? Both Scriptures and science have a lot to say about goal setting and dreaming – many of which are counter-intuitive. But, how about your dreams? Pastor Peter begins sharing the 6 Golden Rules of Life-planning. So, the ultimate question is this: Do you follow them? (Mt. 20:29-32; Prov 16:3; Jer. 33:3; Hab. 2:2)