Heart for the House – Peter Haas – 5.12.19

“The Key to Spiritual Resilience” – We all imagine ourselves to be full of faith until circumstances test us. Unfortunately, when our plans get muddled, that’s when many people quit following God. So, in this Mothers Day message, Pastor Peter unpacks a Bible story on spiritual resilience. How do we react when God’s plan isn’t super clear? (Luke 1 & 2)

Heart for the House – Peter Haas – 5.5.19

“The Battering Ram to Confusion” – Have you ever been overwhelmed and confused? God has a habit of showing up in the midst of our most frustrating seasons of life. While sharing some fun updates for Substance
Church, Pastor Peter Haas shares a Bible story that enables us to rethink our current struggles through the filter of God’s perspective. (1 Samuel 9)