Disciplined Part 6 – Peter Haas – 8.18.19

“Threshold of Scary” (Disciplined Pt 6) – Everyone likes the idea of having intimate authentic friends; yet, intimacy is forged through conflict. It holds a mirror to our greatest fears and flaws – an experience called the “threshold of scary.” After a short and funny skateboarding lesson, pastor Peter will ask: Are you ready for the “threshold of scary” that accompanies true Biblical fellowship? After all, these moments will determine whether
we this coming year will be a healing process or a holding pattern?

(James 5:16).


Disciplined Part 5 – Peter Haas – 8.4.19

“The Art of Sharing Your Faith” (Disciplined Pt 5) – If sharing your faith is hard or awkward, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Pastor Peter explains how Biblical evangelism is easy, refreshing, natural and powerful when we follow God’s plan. (Philemon 1:6; Jn.6:44; 2 Cor.4:4; Eph. 1:17; Luke 10:2).