Perspective Part 2 – 9.29.19 – Peter Haas

“Demonic Discontentment” (Perspective Pt 2)
We all have a tendency to set up arbitrary time-lines for our dreams. And when God doesn’t fulfill our agendas, we get cynical and start making poor decisions. Yet, God intentionally delays certain dreams to test what’s in our hearts. So, how do we pass the test? How do we rid ourselves of demonic discontentment? (Exodus 2:11-15; Psm 16:11).


Baptism Sunday – 9.8.19 – Peter and Carolyn Haas

Miracles often accompany the ritual of Baptism…but why? Because, all throughout the Bible we are taught, repentance is the gateway to refreshment and insight. After sharing several miracle stories, Pastor Peter and Carolyn Haas tag-team preach on the Biblical concept of repentance and how we can accelerate our lives with a repentant mindset! (Gal. 2:20; Acts 3:19; Luke 15:11; Prov. 1:23)

Substance 2019 – 9.1.19 – “Love Beyond our Comfort Zones”

 “Love Beyond our Comfort Zones” – We all want people to know Jesus; yet, a lot of the people who need to know Jesus make us feel uncomfortable. So, how do we reconcile this? In this message, Pastor Peter takes on issues of comfort, racism, & politics. And, we will learn how to transform pain rather than transmit it.

(Luke 10; 2 Cor 5:18).