“Open Your Eyes” – Winter 2020 – Peter Haas

“Open My Eyes” – It’s easy to become discontent in our lives. Many times, we pray for better circumstances; yet, we should be praying: “Open my eyes to the wonderful circumstances you’ve already given me.” How do we know if we’re blind to the will of God? Get ready to learn some simple prayers to pray. (Psm 119:18; Eph 1:15-19; Acts 1:14; 2:42).

Chopping Off Hands

“Chopping Off Hands” – (Part of the series: Tough Questions about Faith).

Many people want to get into scripture, but struggle with all of the bizarre rules of the Old Testament. So, how do these commands fit into modern faith? What are the Rules of Christianity? Why do we obey some of the Bible’s commands and yet, not others? Who decided this? And is it arbitrary? In this humorous message, Pastor Peter explains how to interpret the Bible through the mind of a Jewish lawyer (Deut.25:11; 1 Tim. 1:8; ).

Are Science and Faith Compatible – “Tough Questions” – Peter Haas

“Are Science & Faith Compatible?” Many people argue that it’s impossible for scientific people to believe the Bible. Yet most historians believe that science was actually birthed out of the Christian worldview? So how is a person to resolve all of this? After hitting classic “trouble-texts” like the creation account, Pastor Peter argues that science and faith are hopelessly dependent upon each other. (Mk. 12:30; Gen. 1)