“The Silver Lining Service” – Spring 2020 – Peter Haas

“The Silver Lining Service”   When the world is in chaos, how do we crisis proof our lives. After sharing several stories about how God loves to turn things around, Pastor Peter and Carolyn explain how we can make decisions to crisis proof our emotions. (2 Chron 20; Rom 8:28).

“How to Be Fully Alive” – Winter 2020 – Peter Haas

“Discovering Your Paperweight”

When many people discern God’s calling on their lives, they think it’s unspiritual to consider many of their gifts and passions as a part of God’s overall equation. However, to become fully alive to God’s will, we need to take a more holistic approach to the calling of God (Colossians 1:9-12).

“Find Your Armor Bearer” – Winter 2020 – Peter Haas

Life is filled with impossible situations. But, quite often, God provides men and women of faith who can walk us through them. And when we know how to identify them, we can experience a new level of miraculous. But, do you have your armorbearer? (1 Sam 14:4-7).