Things Above Part 3 – Peter Haas

“Kings & Queens”      (Part 3 in the series, “Things Above”) – Motivation always runs low for people who have a bad theology of heaven. It’s a natural consequence. So, after giving dozens of fresh reminders about the age to come, Pastor Peter explains God’s invitation to rule and reign with him. What will it look like? What might we be in charge of? And what are the scriptures which promise this? (Isaiah 60:1-10; Col 3:1; Rev. 2:26; Rev. 4:10)

Technical Desc. I show a video unpacking the new heavens and new earth…But then I go back into the 4 Crowns promised in the Bible… hit Isa.60 which talks a lot about nations, kings, etc… and then I end with the Teddy Roosevelt story about the missionary couple from Africa.

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